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Gutter Maintenance Service Plans

Gutters are an extension of your roof that channel the water to the downspouts and away from your house that protects you and your family. When it comes to the maintenance of your gutter systems, one of the most important things that our company provides is a worry-free experience. VP Gutters offers three maintenance packages that give you the protection and peace of mind you need year-round, at prices you can afford.

Bronze Package – Sign up for this package for $25 off

The bronze package provides you with three visits in the calendar year. Your gutters will be cleaned and inspected in spring and fall.

Silver Package – Sign up for this package for $50 off

The silver package provides you with four visits in the calendar year. Your gutters will be cleaned and inspected in spring, summer, and fall.

Gold Package – Sign up for this package for free gutter cleaning

This package gives you the best, and most comprehensive gutter protection for the money. You receive four visits throughout the calendar year and one additional free visit with great discounts on other services.


March 1–April 15 (Early Spring)
After a long snowy winter season, trees are coming out their dormant period and starting to bud. Everyone is ready for the spring and anxious to get outside. Now is when everyone does their outside chores. While you watch your neighbors clean up their yard, you can relax and have our team beautify yours. We take care of every area on your roof and gutters. Say goodbye to any leaves, sticks, or debris left behind.

May 15–June 30 (Early Summer)
These two months are very important. All the perennial trees are completely filled out with new growth and are setting the stage for the summer months ahead. Ragweed, oak tassels, helicopters, and seed ponds start to eventually shed onto your roof and into your gutters. This can become an environment for serious problems to occur. Clogged gutters can lead to fascia, soffit, and water damage to your home. But not with our team’s help. Let us take care of the wreckage for you.

August 1–Labor Day (Early Fall)
The summer months ahead brings us torrential downpours and monsoon winds, which can cause serious damage to your roof, gutters, and home. These storms could become as violent as hurricane Sandy was. Your roof and gutters should be cleaned of any debris going into the fall and hurricane season. We are just the team to proficiently complete the task.

October 15th–January 15th (Fall & Early Winter)
Fall is finally here. Some years we get lucky with good weather and some years we get wet and rainy weather. Usually the middle of October through Thanksgiving is when the majority of the leaves have fallen on our roofs, gutters, and lawns. These months are very important for two reasons. First is the volume of leaves that are falling. The second is that our first snowfall is right around the corner. We recommend that your roof and gutters get cleaned when your lawn company does its final lawn work. This gives you the protection you need going into the winter months.